Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I just realized that I have only a little over 2 weeks until our 10th Anniversary and I hadn't even begun Tony's gift. I'm making him a pair of felted slippers (his feet are always cold). Eeeeeekkkk!

N's shorties need to take the back burner for now, I'll work on them when Tony is around.

So today while he was at work, I cast on and, oh no that's not right. I cast on and, N don't play with mommy's knitting. I cast on and, crap. I cast on and, ahhhh at last, I knit most of the top. Tomorrow I should be ready to start the heels. I'm making both at the same time because otherwise they wouldn't be anywhere near the same. They are going quite fast as they are on a US 10.5 needle.

They are to be these out of some Cascade 220 that is blue and black plied together.

Some more old work

Longies made from Lion Wool Ocean Blues and the Perfection Pants pattern

Soaker skirt made for N from Lion Wool Autumn Sunset and my own pattern

OTN right now are a pair of shorties for N that I should have finished today. I am making them with the Perfection Pants pattern and Peace Fleece in Moldova Burgundy.

And sewing I am trying to finish the Poquitos because I have ordered the snap press and it should be here within the month.

Some older projects

Today I decided to add some older projects to my blog.

My first longies; made for N out of Patons Classic Merino in Blue Storm (I think, it might have been New Denim) and the Aubrey Doodlepants pattern. One leg is actually shorter than the other just not that much, (I didn't manage to lay them out flat) the difference is not really noticeable when they are on. But this has led me to only do longies and shorties with both legs knit at one time.

Skirt for N; made from Cascade 220 I don't remember the color with my own pattern and the Curly Purly waistband Little T wore this as a sleeper sack for a few months. We called it his kilt.

Newborn size longies made for Little T; made from Lion wool that I dyed and the Perfection Pants pattern . They fit as shorties now.

Same as above.

Wrap made for Little T from Lion Wool Majestic Mountain and the Warm Heart Woolies pattern I modified it to add the button holes and buttons because I don't care for velcro.

Monday, June 11, 2007


I made my first pair of socks on Friday and I'm hooked. I loved making them. Fun, fun, fun. They were for Little T because I wanted to make very small ones for my first try just in case. The pattern I used ( called for worsted weight yarn and sz 9 needles so they are more booties than socks. Other than the fact that they don't fit well and won't stay on they turned out great. LOL

Monday, June 4, 2007

Casserole Mitts Check

I've finished the Casserole Mitts.

And I've been working on dishcloths the first is done the second half done.

On the sewing Poquitos front, I decided to buy new fabric because I discovered that the swaddling blankets were not all cotton. I bought a two yards each of baby blue, white, yellow and red, with plans to have the white be the inside of the blue pants and the yellow inside of the orange. I bought two different sets of colors because I was planning to make some for N as well as Little T. But when I measured N to determine her size I discovered that she needs the same size as Little T so I'm going to make twice as many mediums as I previously planned. I've also decided to buy a snap press because it will save me lots of angst.

So far I've got the inners and outers of the blue pants cut out as well as the soaker pad. Next the batting needs to be cut, then assembly. I'm stalling a bit on them because I haven't even ordered the snap press yet ( there are tooooooo many choices of snaps and I can't decide). But, I need to hurry because the small Poquitos are really getting too small for Little T.

Projects I am planning are some shorties for N, more washcloths and, a soaker sack out of the Purewool (after I decide what colors to dye it).