Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another trip to the frog pond

I finished half of the casserole mitts I was working on and decided that they looked really stupid so off to the frog pond I went.

By the way, I am really good at weaving in ends, so good that I can't find the ends when I want to frog.

So, after spending an hour (at least) frogging, I cast on another version of the casserole mitts and am about 30 rows in.

Arrrghh. Maybe I'll make Christmas presents for everyone this year.

No, I am definitely making the presents, it'll be OK.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Christmas Presents

Today I have been working on the first of the handmade Christmas presents I plan to give to my friends and family this year.

The first of the presents is to be a pair of casserole mitts. They are coming along very well except for when I k2tog accidentally and then I made a stitch in the wrong place when I thought I was picking up a stitch. It was really messed up so I took a trip to the frog pond and now I am back to where I was before I noticed the mistake. I should think that I will be more than half done before I go to bed tonight.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

More purse and Poquitos

For the poquitos out of swaddling blankets, the cutting is done.

For the purse, lots more is done, I did have to get more yarn but, hurray there is no noticeable difference in the different skeins.

I'm having a bit of a design problem on the sides, I can't decide if I want to stay in pattern or just do 2x2 ribbing on them. She wants it to be stretchy so if she wants to stuff it full she can but, if it is more empty it will go back to smaller. Hmmm decisions.


Friday, May 18, 2007


Work on the purse proceeds well but, I ran out of yarn. Now I have to frog the scarf I made for Jolene two Christmases ago. She decided she didn't like it because it was too heavy. So today I will be frogging and using the frogged yarn to finish ( I hope there is enough) the purse.

Oh and I found some fabric I can use to make the med Poquitos. I'm going to use the swaddling blankets I made for Little T since he's never been impressed by swaddling. Also I have a sling that I made from some green jersey and it has never been right so it gets cut up too.

Yay!! I love being able to make stuff with out buying anything. Today is a craft with recycled materials day.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My fortune cookie

My Fortune Cookie told me:
A bird in the hand makes it awfully hard to blow your nose.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune
giggle, Or knit, giggle. This struck me as very funny, lol.

And for craftyness, the purse today. I also am hunting for fabric for some medium Poquitos. And organizing (read, playing with) my yarn stash, trying to get some inspiration for dying the oh-so-yummy 100Purewool, it has to be perfect because I can't waste this yarn.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


So I finally finished the Poquito Pants (except for 2 pairs because I ran out of snaps and don't have any velcro).
It only took me 2 days. Yesterday my kidlets were demons and I was only able to sew some of the elastic on. Today I finished sewing and top-stitching and Tony helped me pound on the snaps.
Ooops, that's not going to work.

Aaaaah done.... with these five.

These two need fasteners of some sort,

And on the little sweetie.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


They decided to be shorties.

I knitted a dishcloth with the Aum symbol on it but forgot to take a pic before I gifted it to Janiece, oooops, I'll try harder to remember next time.

OTN right now I have a purse that I started before Christmas for Jolene it is very loosely based on this pattern . Jolene said, "I like the cables but....." so it is to be much bigger with a flat bottom, a flap closure, and a different handle.

Today though, I am going to try to finish the Poquito pants I started sewing for Little T before he was born. They just need the elastic, to be turned and top stitched, and snaps. They need to be finished ASAP because when Little T wore the one that I have done on the weekend it only fit on the largest snap setting.

And as long as I have the sewing machine out I should finish the mama pads I started a week or so ago.