Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lots OTN

I haven't posted here in a while but have completed two pairs of socks. One for Tony and one for the Monkey (Little T's new name).

They are knit using worsted weight wool and were meant to be Thuja from Knitty but I only realized now that I messed up the seed stitch rib and made my own. I really like them.
Tony's are made from some Peace Fleece from my stash. Maybe Zarya Fog?

Monkey's are made from Purewool left over from Jolene's hat.

OTN now are a dragon, almost done just need the front legs, wings and the spikes need to be finished (all right not almost done).

Shorties for Tony with a long ways to go. I didn't think a pic of some ribbing was worth putting up.
A string bag that I'm thinking is big enough.

And the socks and purse are still in time out, although I'm thinking of letting the socks out.

Wow, I've just counted and that means I have 5 projects OTN. Wow

Now onto stash enhancement.

I've ordered some more Purewool, (yummy) which I can hardly wait for, with my Christmas money. And I have a shopping cart pretty full at Knitpicks that is just waiting for me to pay and complete the order. I've also planned a trip to my LYS for tomorrow, if I'm not prevented by the massive amounts of snow. Holy Moly that's a lot of snow.

No, I'm not addicted to wool, thank you for asking. My stash was getting too low.