Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ahhhhhhh Socks

Well I have frogged the toe of the socks 5 times now. And now there is a mess instead of a nice neat ball. I am sooooooo frustrated with the socks that I have started working on a Lion washcloth instead.

I told Jolene "Maybe you'll get socks for Christmas."

Aaaargggghhh, maybe I should start some top down socks but I love the idea of toe up because you can try them on as you go.

Oh well, the socks are on a back burner for a bit, I'm going to finish the Lion washcloth and then the tank that is giving me fits, then I need to make Tavis some more shorties becuase his are getting too small.

So sometime after all of that and after I get the sock yarn in some semblance of order I will cast on yet again for the socks.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Poquitos on models

Well I said that the poquitos fit both Little T and N. And here they are.

Christmas present number 2

I've finished the second Christmas present. It is a Marlin for my dad. Made from two strands of the same yarn I used for Tony's slipper socks.
And here it is with N modeling it.
For other projects I am still working on Little Ts' tank and am nearly finished. I am also starting Jolene's socks. I had the toe of one done but tore it out because I had some holes from the short rows.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Wooo Hoooo! Snap Press!!!

For some reason it won't let me put a title on this post and this is my third try. pblttttttt. Oh well....

Nemermind I dot it. (Jolene will remember this one lol.)

The snap press arrived,

And with it so many snaps that I could put snaps on everything in sight and still have enough snaps to last me until the end of time. lol

So yesterday I worked on the Poquitos and got this one finished all of the way.

The rest only need to be topstitched and have snaps applied. Wheee Haaa!

The funny thing is that the Mediums fit both Little T and N. I'll add pics of them both when I have more than one done. ; ) lol

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Today is our Anniversary and the slipper socks are done.

Also done are N's shorties, but somehow they are missing. (If you could see my house you would know why lol) so when I find them I will add a pic.

I am now working on lengthening these pants. The butt and legs fit well but, they were too short.

This is to be a tank for Little T. I looked and looked for a pattern that I liked but, coudn't find one so I am making it up as I go along. Wheeeeeee!

Finally, I found this gown. It is another of my older projects. Little T wore it when he was new.